Custom badges?

so it mentioned in the about page that patrons and sponsors get custom badges.
what ever happened with that?

I thought that was only for sponsors.

Yet another thread left loose on a wide tapestry, unfortunately. I’ll over the course of the week make up a detailed report of the process, how it was done, what went wrong, and some ideas I have to reorganize the structure and number of staff we have for the future!

[quote=“Thrash, post:4, topic:165”][quote author=OkiWolf link=topic=148.msg1199#msg1199 date=1281486248]
I thought that was only for sponsors.
[/quote] Well I’ll be damned.

Sponsors didn’t get mention in the con book either as far as I could see, but maybe I just missed it.

Our art director had more or less ‘quit’ when it was go time, and left the staff to fend for ourselves with what resources we had and most of you more or less hung out to dry. Excuses aren’t worth much at all, but the best I can say is that I can’t quite voice just how terribly our patrons and sponsors were treated, as far as perks go. Moving forward, I wont be nearly so blindly trusting of certain crucial areas in staffing as I was before. If we’re to survive, things like this can’t be ignored as blatantly as they were. Said ‘staff’ will not be working with us again. :frowning:

I for one saw that things were not on line with the vision of the staff. the lack of custom badges was acceptable in exchange for warm non-rotten food, safety, and comfort.

health over flair.

Yeah honestly I didn’t miss the badges this year. I was too focused on getting my shirt and breakfast to remember it was one of our perks as well. Though it would have been cool, it’s not something I’m going to flip my shit over not having. Really though I’m not sure about the others, but I was quite content with breakfast and my shirt.

I could maybe offer a hand at working some of the art for the con next year to ease the load, though I don’t think I could take on the hat of full on director or anything.

its going to be in next years book (2011)