Curious assistance question

Hey, since I don’t know how well sleeping on an air mattress on the ground will work, does anyone have a cot thing, or something that can raise me off the ground a bit?

I think with that I’ll be able to get up and down without too much work, but that’s probably a wait and let see thing.

An air matress in a tent on the ground will be very comfortable.

Oh I’m sure it will be, my concern is getting up and down from it since it’s so low. :o

I understand your concern. I use a cot now instead of an air mattress and it is waaay easier for me to get up from it. I don’t have a spare tho. :stuck_out_tongue: (I bought mine at Bi-Mart in LaPine tho, they have great prices.)

Hmm, I’ll have to look into that

Right, anyone have a spare cot or way of raising me off the ground? I could buy a cot, but if possible I’d like to avoid that. x.x