Curious about +1s?

Hello I was curious on what is going on with +1s? When will I be able to add mine?

Let me try to explain what happened with the first week:

During the first week (when you completed your registration), there was a small enough number of people signed up (in the queue to register) that it worked out that dealing with +1s wasn’t necessary at all.

Instead, we just gave everyone who was in the queue to register during that week an offer that was just for themselves. Not getting a +1 to give if you registered during that week is made moot by the fact that the only people you could have given a +1 to at the time (before the offer expired) were already *all* enabled to register.

The situations where you get a +1 to assign after you’ve already registered are:

  1. You register as someone’s +1.

    (You’re further down in the queue than they are, and they assign their +1 spot to you to let you register in advance of your place in line being “served.”)

  2. You had a reserved spot and registered before you got a registration offer.

    (You registered before your place in line got “served” because people with reserved spots don’t need an offer in order to register themselves.)

Neither of those situations apply if you registered during the first week, because we effectively served everyone, all at the same time.

I do want to apologize for the message that I had up in the registration system about this not being anywhere near as concise and clear as it should have been.

Thank you for the quick reply. But maybe my question wasn’t worded right. I was wondering if +1s were going to happen? Or if they had become completely moot?

They’re completely moot for people who completed their registration during their first week, and people with reserved spots. (Reserved spot holders would have gotten and only been able to give their +1 spots to people in the first week.)

The “Registration Offers” sent out out after the first week, starting this Monday (the 29th), are for two spots (self and +1) because there are more people signed up than spots remaining.

Oh ok thank you :slight_smile: