Crossing the Oregon Border

Last year I rode in with psychill and I recall them stopping us at the border heading back to California and asking if we had something…I think it was fruit? I don’t remember now; I may just be imagining it, which is why I started a thread to ask. I will more then likely be driving up and back alone this time and I just wanted to double check, are you prohibited to bring anything across the border going either way? I just want to be informed ahead of time. Thanks.

i think it is coming from oregon to california, since California has a large agriculture industry, they dont want any fruitflies or anything coming in and eatting up the crops. i just checked and it says “some fruit and vegetables”, but didnt provide a list, so just to be safe, just assume all fruits and veges. if you would like fruits or veges, you can always pick some up in La Pine at one of the grocers since you have to go through La Pine to get to the campground from California.

and its only from oregon, nevada, or arizona into california, not california out. just thought i would specify ^^

Yeah I only remember being stopped on the way back into California. Thanks Boxy.

youre welcome :slight_smile: