Crafting Circle

(Otherwise known as a “Stitch-N-B*tch,” but I hate that name.)

Being a professional crafter I’ve been trying to come up with a Happening I can run, bur I seriously can’t think of anything portable that I could afford to do. :stuck_out_tongue: So I was thinking, if we have a games tent and a drum circle, why not a totally chill free-for-all crafting circle, bring-your-own-crafts style? Its not really a Happening, but I plan to just hang out at some point or another and work on crafts, and it’d be more fun if I wasn’t sitting there alone looking lonely and pathetic. :wink: Pulsifer may bring a screen house (if we’re allowed to set one up?) and we could have it in there so there’d be shade. Or wherever, it doesn’t matter.

This is where I will be drawing. Heck, we might as well turn my little screen house into a “creator lounge” of sorts. Pull up a chair under our shade, and craft or draw while shooting the breeze. :3

This sounds like a great idea! Wish I knew how to contribute… Anyone have leatherworking equipment? I have a leather punch. Maybe I could go nab some leather scraps from Goodwill and we could make awesome things?

If we are worried about folks not having crafting projects. I can always run a cat\fox ear workshop where I bring the materials and charge ~$5 for them. Making ears is always fun! ^…^

H. Fox Bennett

I’ll bring my leather stuff, Riley (basic tools that work for collar making).

No promises, but I may bring some stuff for hula hoop making too.