Cooking our own food

What are the rules on bringing our own food and cooking supplies? Are there fire pits where we can build a fire and cook? If not, can I bring a camp stove?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Fires in firepits, stoves on tabletops. Feel free to cook your own meals. :3

'd like to point out that many people supplemented with own cooked food too. Mmmm, bacon.

Keep in mind that the fire pits are just rings of rocks.

rings of cocks, you say?

Stay classy.

Speaking of firepits, if you’re going to make a fire, make sure you have cleared away the needles away from the edge of the ring a couple feet. Also, having some water nearby in case of flareups is a really good idea. We don’t want to be the cause of a forest fire. :slight_smile:

The national forest service has pretty well defined restrictions. It must be a minimum of 20 feet from any nearby structures, organic matter on the ground and overhanging branches, for those curious.

And I’m sure as part of out job setting up, we’ll make sure the fire pits are all clear of possible brush endangerments =)

Side note:
If there are going to be fires and things like that, what about wood, will it be provided, or should you bring your own? I know from my camping experiences, gatherin wood from the woods is a no no that will get you in trouble.

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I have a local resource. Wood will be available. :slight_smile:

very good. and i assume any kind of extras anyone wants, random munchies, candy ect. people need to be responsible and pack it themselves.

This is gonna be fun. ^^

I will be bringing a load of wood like last year. (lumber scraps plus an apple tree we took out.)

There also is a Fred Meyer at the south end of Bend (on Business 97) that is handy if anyone needs to pickup any last-minute munchies, water, firewood or whatnot that you might need at the last minute.

I’ll be bringing a load of wood. heh. heheheheh.

Just picked up s’more supplies and considering my limit is like, 2 s’mores, I will expect help eating those. :wink: (And I will have a cooler this year so no more pre-melted chocolate.) I will also have other things to share I think. Also people I trust will be free to use my camp kitchen within limits (boiling water would be fine for example).