Conbook Directory

I was thinking that you could set up a spot on the registration form where people could voluntarily provide any contact information that they wish to be printed in a conbook “directory.” They could provide as much (or as little) information as they want. This would be for everyone who wants to be listed, not just artists and merchants. It would make it easier to find/contact people after the con, and relieve people of the task of running around at the last minute jotting down everyone’s contact info.

Or for when your conbook disappears. >.>

It’d be redundant with the member list on the forum. Additionally, the point of the “Leave your mark” section (more pages for it next year!) is that it’s more personal and special than a cold, impersonal phonebook.

Fair 'nuff. I still meant for the “Leave your mark” section to be included, it would just be more for autographs, doodles, and special messages than contact information. I was under the impression that not everyone who attends CFT has a forum account, but now that I look at the forum member list, it looks pretty comprehensive.

Starting with CFT2011, the first step to register (to attend) is signing in with your forum account.

(There are plans for some other things that will hang off the accounts as well, but I don’t want to set any expectations until they’re actually ready to show off.)

Also, we raised the production quality bar to printing this year’s inside pages in black on a color machine, which has a nontrivially higher cost per page, so things that aren’t art and aren’t useful on-site are the first to be cut from inclusion.

I think that the first page (back cover of the conbook) should have a who does this belong to section, just incase of misplaceage! :wink:

Most people signed their conbooks on the front cover or somewhere to signify it as theirs but unfortunately that’s not always enough to keep them from getting lost :frowning:

I do like the idea of a “This book belongs to _____” thing on the inside of the cover, as a prompt for people to actually personalize their copy so it can get back to them if they lose it.

peed all over my conbook to leave my mark and it still grew legs…

.> well… kinda >.> really didnt pee on it XD havent found the darn thing

[quote=“x_panther, post:9, topic:381”]peed all over my conbook to leave my mark and it still grew legs…

.> well… kinda >.> really didnt pee on it XD havent found the darn thing[/quote]

Don’t give the canines any ideas, x. :wink: