Con Book Art Submissions (2010)

Ok peeps! There’s no time like the present. Time to start submitting art! Bellow I will restate the guidelines for submitting art and give you some suggestions on what to submit. It’s up to you what you choose to submit and it’s up to me (and my helpers) on what actually gets used. Give it your best! Also, as a note, I need to be linked (or emailed) your specific art file submission. Please do not link me to your entire FA or DA art gallery I sadly do not have the time and may not have the ability to browse through an entire gallery to find a submission.

General Guidelines for submitting your art:

[ul][li]All styles and mediums of art submissions are welcome![/li]
[li]Art submissions for the front and back covers should be in color. All other submissions may be color or black and white (and will likely be printed in black and white)[/li]
[li]Art and advertisement submissions are to be made digitally. The following formats and resolution are preferred:
[li]GIF (For black and white submissions only, this includes halftone for the time being. A higher resolution then 300 may be encouraged. This is the least preferred format but can be worked with.)[/li]
[li]minimum of 300dpi resolution[/li]
[li] Art submissions for the front and back cover should be of a ratio such as to fit well cropped within the 8.5x11" cover surface. Try to avoid any overly bizarre image proportions.[/li][/list]
[li] Email me a copy of your art in the appropriate format, or (if you have web hosting) you may email me a direct link to your website or web page where I can download your art (in the appropriate format). All emails should be sent to Tiggress[at]campfiretails[dot]org. Please include “CFT Con Book Art Submission” in the subject so that I know it’s not spam.[/li]
[li] Include with your email:[/li]
[list][li] [REQUIRED] The name you would like your art credited by (AKA your real life name or artist/fan name) [/li]
[li][OPTIONAL] The contact information you want others to see in the con book (your preferred method for others to contact you, could be an email address, a phone number and/or a website or link to an online gallery where people can contact you)[/li]
[li][OPTIONAL] A website with your artwork, gallery, or related art business[/li]

Some Suggestions on Content to Submit:

[ul][li]Font and Back Cover Art[/li]
[list][li]This will most likely be in color. Something eye catching and interesting so people will want to crack the book open and thumb around! Something that embodies the spirit of Campfire Tails including but not limited to: the outdoors, animals, camping, furries in their natural habitat, arts and crafts, music, community, fun, sun and all that good stuff with a good Alice in Wonderland twist! Be creative and have fun. We should really push the them of the con for these submissions: “Down the Rabbit Hole”.[/li][/list]
[li]Inside the Book[/li]
[list][li]Full sized illustrations and artwork with an outdoor/wildlife/camping/creative and artfulness, again with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Anything that would go well with the theme of the con will be a good submission.[/li]
[li]Small headers, footers and space savers for decoration and balance. These are just simple drawings that can be used to fill in spaces at the end of a page or to round out the content, add accent and decoration or just spice up interest. (Think clip art.)[/li]
[li]Advertisements. No decision on how much space will be reserved for advertisements but for now designing simple banners and small ads are best. Remember to submit these in the proper formats, listed above.[/li][/list][/ul]

If you have any questions feel free to ask. If I need to update or change any information I will do so here in this thread.


Just want to remind people that if you are interested in submitting art for the con book to please email me at Tiggress[at]campfiretails[dot]org with your submission. I know I have a few private messages and I will be responding to those today (sorry for the dealy!). Remember to save your art submission file in the right format for submission and include the information listed above.


What is the deadline for art submissions?

i’m glad this is still up!

This thread is several years old. Please avoid resurrecting really old threads like this in the future. If you have something to offer for the con book this year (2016) you should get in touch with @oCe.