Come Play With Us

Come Play With Us! (But not that way)

Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an area set up for Hooping, Juggling, Poi, Staffs, Hacky Sack, Toro Flux, Jump rope… I think you get the point. It would be called “Come Play With Us” and would be a place where people could get together and have fun (Who misses recess growing up?). People can bring anything they want really, juggling stuff, jump rope, hula hoops, Games, etc.

I will be bringing my hoops with me and any juggling stuff I pick up before then. Am I talented? Hell no. Is it fun? Oh yes. You don’t have to be good at something to try it and have fun. If anyone knows any cool tricks, maneuvers, etc then feel free to teach people how to do stuff.

Just an idea, just looking for input. :slight_smile:

Morphine, this is a great idea!
If you remember where the Volleyball net was set up last year, I think that area would be great to use again! It’s large and relatively flat. Plenty of room for everyone to set up and create a space.

Awesome, I will see what I can bring. Also I encourage others to bring anything.

This would tie in well with making poi. :smiley: I vote putting it somewhere near music!

You know my stance, but I’ll bump the thread anyway! Totally for it! I’ll be bringing my staff and maybe my old one for people to mess with. :3

I agree with this as well!

Yes it would and I would love to learn some poi anything.

I need to look at Neon Husky stuff soon

They have some awesome stuff, but possibly a little expensive for bringing a bunch to share. D:

Is it “bad” that I clicked on this half expecting a “The Shining” reference? XD

Because of the title or also because I posted it? Lol

Both? :stuck_out_tongue: