Coloring books: 3 drink minimum

Happening idea. We get coloring books and furry art and color them, whilst drunk. It’d be greatly appreciated if any artists wanted to print out some uncolored works for people to color. i will also bring some commercial coloring books and probably some crayons/markers

Alterntative classier name suggested by the telegram group coloring and cocktails


I’ve got line art and a printer, I’d be happy to supply a handful of pages :3

Yessssss! Also, here’s another fun variation: photocopy line art of well-known characters, except white-out their faces before copying, so everyone can draw in their own faces… XD

Sweet baby Jesus yes. I am IN.

This sounds absolutely hilarious. I approve!

I’m just gonna leave this here… :sunglasses:…0…1ac.1.64.img…10.16.2028.QK11MF-7xsc

(Note: for virtually endless results, just replace “disney” with “sonic” or “pokemon” or whatever!)

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That is incredibly helpful reference material that i definitely wont shamelessly pirate

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I really like this idea. x3

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Cross happening with PostOffice: I’ll bring some postcards that have furry coloring opportunities. Also blank cards for those who prefer a tabula rasa ^^

Bring your retro snail mail addresses - I’ll have stamps and will post cards in Bend after opening ceremonies.