Coffee makes the world go 'round

I’m planning to bring camp coffee supplies and hang out in the kitchen area from early o’clock through breakfast. Should be able to make about 12cups/15 minutes. First come first serve. Staff get to cut in line because they’re awesome.

If @Beauchamp and the kitchen staff don’t mind me using the generator I’d be happy to donate a large electric coffee urn (something like this) to the CFT permanent gear collection.


Thank you @Morse! This is wonderful. Feel free to reach out for donations, either as tips or in material donations.

I’m honestly a little wary of adding any more electric gadgets to the mix (I’m old school what can I say) but, if you want to bring it this year and try it out, I think we could probably make that work. @Moparskunk, you’re pretty handy with wattage use and such. Do we have enough power to juice this bad boy in the mornings for a couple hours a day?

Hi, I love you <3

This is a great idea, I always need coffee and most of the time I’m too exhausted to make it myself.

Hah, great (or maybe something else?) minds, etc. We’d planned on bringing a 30-cup percolating coffee urn to run off our own generator along with the same phone charging station we did last year, along with another warming urn to fill as needed. @Morse, if you want to buddy up, I’m sure our 2KW gen will run All The Things.

If you have already have an percolating urn, I may leave the actual brewing to you. My setup was just going to be a pair of 14-cup stove top percolators. How big is your warmer? I could potentially bring an insulated dispenser like this if it would get used. My goal is to provide enough to not run out during the breakfast rush.

I’ll bring my burr grinder and pick up cream and sugar packets from Costco to contribute. Can bring a big bag of beans too.

The warmer I have is around 50 cups, plus the 30 in the electric percolator. It’s not super well insulated like that dispenser though, so that may be the superior option - we can brew in the percolator, then fill the dispenser and take it up to the kitchen area or wherever else it’s needed. Either way works though, and I should have a lot of space to carry things if you’re pretty crowded. The burr grinder would be great - I was just going to get pre-ground coffee from somewhere on the way down. I was told that percolators need a really coarse grind, but I haven’t used one enough to know. Also, I may be showing up a little late due to work stuff, so my setup might not be there for Friday breakfast, in case that’s something to consider.

What’s coffee without some calories? At a nearby firepit I’ll be demonstrating a torch stove made from scap lumber by frying up some bacon. Those who aren’t averse to swine flesh feel free to drop by.

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