Clothes (or lack thereof)

Just a question for curiosity’s sake.

In the big scary forbidding lists of rules, regulations, and practical advice called the code of conduct, it mentions that ‘as we are in a remote location and on private land in the presence of adults, displays of nudity are permitted’. I confess I’m rather embarrassed to be the one asking this, but…if you think about that logically, does that mean that we’re allowed to walk around naked?

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. As we have since relocated from private land to a national forest, nudity is no longer allowed in public. The rules and policies are now being revised to reflect this.

I believe there are no Federal or Oregon state laws prohibiting going nude in the National Forests, however, I’m not sure about the county laws (Deschutes County?) which may be enforceable out there.

EDIT: Oops…I stand corrected…I looked under the regulations on the website for the Ochoco and Deschutes National Forests and there was a listing of “prohibitions”, one of which was “nudity in public”.

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at least we’re aware of when rules need to be updated.