Climbing or bouldering?

Having never been there and not sure of the location…

Is there any climbing or bouldering areas, and are there
any furs into that that are going?

Short of that, any steep hikes with a view? :stuck_out_tongue:

What? Sports? o.o

As far as I know, the campsite is relatively mellow topography wise. However, the waterfall has a nice steep little path you can take to get up to the top. It is fairly steep and I’d suggest being cautious. There are a few areas around that might have some nice peaks to hike. If you’d like to organize a small day outing, let me know!

Smith rock is a half hour ish away, and is one of the best places in the country for rock climbing :slight_smile: tons and tons of bolted routes.

ooh! i climbed there once.

if i found partners it’d be worth bringing trad gear and climb the basalt columns by the river. the sport climbs there i don’t like.

eh i’m not against volunteering for that but idk the area nor terrain. also we’ll arrive late fri.