Cider Tasting and Discussion

Hello, fellow campers

After Dinner on Saturday, I’d like to set up a small guided cider tasting for 1 to 8 people. It’s not going to involve drinking very much, but more discussing the various flavors and styles of ciders. I’m aiming to have around 6 different ciders, most of them local.

It should take around an hour and a half. All you need to bring is curiosity, and a cup if you have one. The drinks are on me.


Alright, revision, this will be part of the “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT” Tasting on Saturday.

Oh man! I’ll have to pick up some of my favorites from Swift and Rev. Nat’s to share!

That’d be rad! Hope to see you there.

I’d love to be a part of the tasting, especially ciders. If you are still open to people joining I’d love to be there

I would love to learn more on different ciders! I would love to join if you would not mind!

Alright. I’ll add you to the list!

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Sounds great. I’ll put you on the list!

I am interested! Will have to bring a growler of red branch/rabbits foot from ca

It’s be great to see some ciders from Cali. I’ll put you on the list!

Thank you! Where should we all meet up? :slight_smile:

No Idea! I’ll put up a sign when I get there.

yum! ciders :slight_smile: I wanna taste.

Here’s what all of the ciders were

  1. Rev. Nat’s
  2. Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Brut
  3. 2 towns - The Bad Apple
  4. Wyder’s pear cider
  5. Finn River - Rose hip and cranberry
  6. Henry Hotspur’s - Ginger
  7. Cascade Ciderworks - Dry
  8. Rev. Nat’s - Tepatche
    9 Schindler’s- Grapefruit
  9. Clear Creek - Apple Brandy

I don’t remember the guest ciders. If anyone can track them down, Id appreciate it

The cider tasting was really great! I had an awesome time, plus learning about ciders!

Holy crap, that HH Ginger cider was delicious. Overall, a great experience! Thanks for putting it on. :slight_smile: All I remember about the guest ciders is that they were from California. I was too distracted by that friggin’ amazing ginger to remember some of the others. :wink:

Woot! That black cherry cider was bomb too. Thanks for posting the list! :3

Ask GroggyFox for his bottles, but it was Rabbit’s foot meadery, sunnyvale ca

The 2 I brought were:
Rabbit’s Foot Meadery/Red Branch in Sunnyvale CA. Black Cherry Cider
Sonoma Cider Works in Healdburg CA. The Hatchet Apple Cider
Will bring more next time, especially from Red Branch since they have a tap room and a massive selection.

Ooh, yes, the black cherry! I agree with @Delathar in that it was rather tasty. :slight_smile: