"Check in" time?

So let’s assume we get up reallllly early on the 2nd to make the final stretch of driving to get to camp, and we get distracted by a breakfast buffet (and NOT because we slept in!). What kinds of things are going on for the first day? Is it bad if we were to show up in the afternoon and/or is there a “check in” time type thing?

Also, any nearby towns/places to get supplies from (I’m pretty sure this was answered somewhere before actually, but I can’t remember where!)?


The first and last days are extremely free-form and no-frills. One can expect an itinerary sent out shortly after registration ends with extra details. We open the gates for check-in at noon and continue until dinner. After dinner, people can show up and get pointed to reg first thing the next morning. It takes people time to get camp set up and broken down, so first and last days aren’t really scheduled to have much happening at all aside from opening and closing ceremonies, after dinner and after breakfast, respectively.

As I recall the gates to the campground are (supposed to be anyways) closed and locked at 10 pm so just don’t get there after that. :3

I remember someone got in pretty late last year, might have been after 10. I don’t know that they can legally lock us in (if there’s an emergency we gotta get out)

Two years ago I showed up at midnight and I still managed to find help registering and even got some fuzzies to help set up my tent in the dark (thanks Tawn and Bluefire and Marfles, lol.)

I think some people showed up late last time too - I remember that we did close check in after some reasonable time, and just checked those folk in next morning.

Also, opening ceremonies is being pre-emptively pushed back due to a delay last year. Aug 2 will be closing ceremonies for CFT 2011. Aug 4 will be opening ceremonies for CFT 2012, and we are hoping for closing ceremonies for this year to be roughly around inauguration day.

That’s actually a great idea, closing ceremonies first…hmmm…

Huh… I arrived at nearly 11pm on Thursday last year, and got in fine! Reg was of course closed, though, so I did that in the morning.