CFT Twitter Countdown

While I sort out all 505 photos, 12 videos, and all the nick-knacks I picked over the event I’m going to share a portion of my Twitter feed counting down the days until CFT after I registered at the last minute. Its going to be slightly edited to protect the mildly innocent and amend some typos, but you folks can follow me or read the whole thing at @hawkfeather13. Its a good wall of text, but still worth sharing none the less :slight_smile:

I know present to you “32 days before CFT in 140 characters or less”:

Okay, need flashlight, CAMERA, First aid kit, backpack, Badge?, and so much MOAR. T-minus 32 days and counting.
Shot out a few messages offering to help with the early bird setup and cooking for food, assembling a checklist of supplies. 31 days to go.
Credit information stolen, can’t afford camera right now. Organized and packed compass and other small supplies. 30 days left to prepare!
Bought sunscreen, Medkit, seasonings. Got time off for entire event. Offered ride to nearby fur in need. 28 days left now, thanks PTO!
Made official posting of service offers to the event, and offered a decent donation to the event funds. 27 days and counting.
Donation scored a personalized shirt for CFT and a place in the charter as a contributor. Volunteered to help relentlessly. 26 Days to burn.
Did some logistics and digging around my things trying to find my hatchet and other missing supplies. Still need badge! 25 days winding down
Cleaned out the cooler, did some reading high desert camping. Hatchet still MIA. Credit still locked, want camera! 24 days flying by.
Wrestled with credit card company, paypal, and the bank. Postponing all supplies till I can access funds again. 23 days and seething.
Won the fight with my credit card company, still working with Paypal. Camera now purchased! :> 22 left to fight!
Backpack no longer carried by the seller, going to have to find new one. Camera soon to arrive however. 21 days creeping by.
Overnighted the camera because of shipping discount, pull it out, take picture, NO MEMORY CARD. Wargh. 20 days to go, still vexed by camera.

FINALLY found the hatchet! Dad put it in the tool chest. (for some reason) Got fire, Tarp, and a lantern. 18 days and almost ready!
Got a pair of shorts and a new shirt for more warm weather wear. Set up a RL meet with my copilot Friday. 17 days falling through my talons.
Cool, dates set to meet passenger at the mall Friday to see if we get along enough to drive together. Also, BACKPACK FINALLY. 16 days left!
Wait a second… Cute dirty blonde? Did he just say that about me? 15 days, and a little amazed.
Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Omigawd. Two weeks! Thats 14 days to you, Mr. Calander.
Brushing up on my First Aid and CPR skills with those old workbooks from last year. (Just in Case) 13 Days to go, Hopes for no incidents.
Credit almost cleared out and somewhat repaired, Played with camera a bit, realized I have no photo software. 12 days ticking down.
Met passenger today. Had a rough time getting things together, but it worked out really great in the end. 11 days of wonder left to see.
A hot lazy day of much needed rest. Nothing much happening, might be developing a slight crush. 10 days left, and booked solid!
Further coordination with passenger, have most of the kinks worked out for picking him up and getting the both of us there. Just 9 days left!
Little sick today, but did more reading on desert camping and picked up @campfiretails feed on twitter. 8 days to burn and itching to go
Long day at work, more overtime in the bank for spending monies during the event! And Zomg, just one week left. 7 days and we are good to go
Potential new passenger, got to pull extra camping gear for him if he goes. Also, getting one of these at CFT: - 6 days!
Epic Email of awesome recieved, ironed out nearly all the small details. May need sandals for water and such to save feets. 5 days baby!
Cleaned out the old tent for Tonic, got some water shoes, and most of the food stuffs. Also going to be quite poor. Just 4 more days! #squee
Filled cooler minus the ice, packed camping gear and most clothing needed, died of anticipation. 3 days left to preapre. THREE DAYS!
Got a few small bits of food stuffs, failed on my quest for water shoes in my size. Picked up lube, (Just in case.) and all set. 2 days left
WATER SHOES FOUND! RAWR! >:D Also, IRC chattering with the local furs. Meeting new furs is <3 Only 1 day left!
Calm as a bomb, and hours behind schedule. Still feel crappy, but my game face is on. Can’t give up so easily. CFT, here I come!

More to come shortly!

Ha ha I actually found you on Twitter yesterday and skimmed your posts, you were so excited. :smiley: