CFT Themed Badges - B r a i n s t o r m

Hey everyone.

As is tradition every time I attend CFT, I will be offering badge commissions prior to and during the convention.
I haven’t done furry art for commission regularly for over a year, so I’m out of practice.

I’m posting to poke around to see what sort of themes people might be interested in seeing for badge work.
I am a strictly traditional media artist, and work with mostly markers and water color (specialize in mixed media).
Examples of my work can be found here: < MOST RECENT uploads (nsfw) (nsfw)

I’m looking forward to CFT this year as it will be the only con I am planning on attending!

x Markha


Glad you’ll be making it out this year!

As somebody who loves your badges, and still uses them to this day, I’m pretty excited to see oyu doing this again :smiley:

But as far as themed ideas go, I’d say a classically sketchy story book style would look pretty cool. Something roughly along these lines: