CFT NEEDS YOU: To Donate Art for the Con Book!

Greetings fellow furries =)

As a staff member of Campfire Tails this year, I have volunteered to help out with this year’s conbook.
Your job is to give me artwork of all sorts to put in this year’s book! And by all art, I mean anything from traditonal and digital works, to stories and peoms (for obvious reasons, we can’t accept music or animations )!
This year’s theme is “Choose Your Own Adventure”, set in the parodied image of picturesque 1979 resort summer camp. So images or stories that are based off of the theme and/or the themes of camping out in the middle of summer is was we’re aiming for! For additional references, watch the films “Meatballs” and “Hot Wet American Summer”.

So, some general guidelines for submitted artworks:

  • All styles and mediums are of course welcomed! (rating MUST BE no higher than PG)
  • Art submissions may be in color, but for printing purposes, may be printed in balck and white
  • All works must be sumbitted digitally in the following formats:
    Acceptable formats for vector artwork:
    .ai* > .svg* > .pdf
  • Do not convert to these formats. Submit them -only- if they are the native format of the software you used to create the illustration.

Acceptable formats for 1-bit (>1200dpi) line-art images:
.psd > .tiff > .png

Acceptable formats for continuous-tone raster images (RGB):
.psd > .tiff > .png

Acceptable formats for continuous-tone raster images (CMYK):
.psd > .tiff

Acceptable format for continuous-tone raster images (Lab):

Do not convert from RGB to CMYK or vice-versa. Submit your artwork in its original color mode and with the color profile attached.

  • Front and back cover works must be in color and cropped within the 8.5"x11" cover
  • All pieces must be at least 100 x 100 pixels

Email me a copy of your artwork in the appropiate formats to:
Include the following with your sumbission in the email:

  • [Required] The name you’d like your art credited to (I.E. Your real name or your furry name)
  • [Optional] Contact information you’d like people to reach you by (I.E. your email, website, ect.)
  • [Optional] A link to your personal art site

Some suggestions for content:

  • Everything needs a mixture of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme and outdoors and nature themes, fun, furries in their natural environment; essentially anything playful and outdoorsy will do =)
  • We also request small headers and footers for decoration and taking up unoccupied space (generally, think clipart).
  • Advertisments (if room is applicable) will need to be small and simple banners =)

General deadline for art submissions will be early July (most likely before the fourth), and I will be posting several reminders along the way so that no one forgets =)

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

  • Mara

We still need art donations! Please help us spread the word by linking to this thread on your journals and twitter. Don’t forget, our twitter is @campfiretails and you can chase related posts under #cft2011

Okay, just sending out a semi-friendly reminder that art is needed for the conbook!
I’m working on a few pieces, but so far, I only have one submission!

PLEASE help us out by contributing pieces to the conbook!

Thank you!

x Mara

I’ve been working my butt off trying to get some pieces together, hopefully I’ll have something to submit by the weekend

(Topic closed due to submission deadline passing a long, long time ago.)