CFT beatoff competition

SO. You think you got bass, SPL or fidelity in your whip? Bone stock and want to know where to start upgrading? You should come show it off during our car audio competition*. Line up on the creek side of the kitchen, you’ll have a few minutes to show off a some tracks, talk about your setup and give advice to others in becoming one of Those Guys. Tentatively Friday evening after dinner.

*No real prizes, except maybe a horde of furries twerking around your rig, and bragging rights.

Even if I don’t have much to show, I always love this idea.

The winner gets to drive around at 10am blasting this at full volume.


Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t even be mad at that point.

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Ahahah, I would be laughing the entire time.

Wouldn’t be campfire tails without that song at 10am :smiley: