CFT Beat-Off

Come one, come all to the first annual CFT Beat-Off! Face it, furries are known for their beat-off skills, lets see how good we can do it in the Oregon High Desert! The CFT Beat Off is where we make as much noise as we can with our car audio. Gotcha…!

Requirements for competition:
-Your own vehicle (car, truck, mo-ped. must be drivable).
-Must have one aftermarket amp and one aftermarket speaker installed.
-Must have a fire extinguisher with your vehicle (lets face it, it’s a possibility something may catch fire. :stuck_out_tongue: )

The idea behind the event is to have fun and show off what you have done with your car to make it your SoundMachine. This is not a serious competition, it’s more of a way for us to share ideas and plannings to add bigger and better sound to our machines.

Anyone interested? Let’s all beat off together!

I’m glad this thread isn’t about…what I expected it to be about.



What a great way to wake everyone up on Saturday morning!

oh bummer…thought this meant something else XDDDDDD

Im intersted

i got a badass sound system :wink: so you all better bring something good!!! XD

I will beat off with you guys. In the sun. Loudly.

Are we gonna be allotted a time window, or song limit?

imma guess that we will run a total of 30-45 mins thinks choose a couple tracks and we’ll play it by ear XD

How’s Friday afternoon sound for you xander? :3

werks for me :3