CFT 2024: Camp Cryptid! August 1-5

CFT 2024: Camp Cryptid! August 1-5th
Ogden Group Camp, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

The powers of mysterious creatures have been waxing…

Sightings have been climbing rapidly throughout the high desert area for all manner of things once thought to just be tall tales. Will you work with these mysterious beings, or fight for all of Anthrokind? CFT 2024 – Camp Cryptid! dares you to seek out the truth, and explore the world of monsters and myth all around the world!

Why cryptids?

With such a rich history in every corner of the globe, combining myth, science, artistic license, and very real mysteries, we thought it would be a rich tapestry for people to weave from. With the popularity of last year’s theme, Summerween, we believe there’s plenty of enthusiasm to draw from and make this a unique event!

Between aliens, Mothman, Sasquatch, or even the bedeviled Whip-hand Ghoul, there’s lots of angles from which attendees can make their camp unique. As always, we encourage people to put thought into the lighting of their area, as well as anything that they may want to gift or barter!

Spooky museums of arcane tokens, places where storied traditions can be passed down among a group of fascinated listeners, exploration hikes in search of otherworldly sights, and plenty of other inspirations to draw from for your own events! We want everybody to think about the local myths that they grew up with, or resonate with them, that they want to share with the rest of camp, in their own way.

Want to participate? Join in on CFT’s forums, where you can ask questions, brainstorm, and plan with other campers to make your ideas for 2024 a reality!

Stay tuned for more announcements and updates!


i love the idea of exploration hikes. could maybe lean into a spooky scavenger hunt where you gotta get certain relics to bring back to the main camp for a like…paranormal prize or somethin’


waaahh amazing theme!! I feel like having a special little journal is a MUST to record/log any fun cryptid sightings, memorable moments (via polaroid pics?) or a stamp rally at different posts throughout the camp or special tents/booths ppl signup and have available? ahh what fun!!


best cryptid noise contest


I would love to see a “museum” of sorts, showing off art that people have made, “artifacts” recovered from creatures in the area maybe in a place people sit and chill a bit.


this is Such a good idea

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