CFT 2023 Summerween Policy Updates and Registration Announcement

Welcome Back Campers!

We are happy to announce that registration will open on May 1st for CFT 2023: Summerween! Please take some time to go over the following announcements and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at


2023 and forward, we are now an age 21 and up event.

No RVs

RVs are not allowed on site for the event. For more information on whether your vehicle qualifies, please e-mail

COVID Safety Guidelines

Our full protocol and guidelines are available here.

The short of it: vaccinations are required to attend and a yearly booster is required.

Pet Policy

We want to remind you that pets must stay at home due to the harsh environment and are not allowed at CFT.

Water Conservation Measures

The infrastructure that supplies water to the campground is still inoperable for the 2023 season. A water reservoir tank will be provided on-site but like last year, there will be no provided showers. We encourage you to bring plenty of water, ice, and beverages to supplement this supply.

Swag Announcement

We are happy to announce that CFT 2023 shirts are back as part of Patron and Sponsor swag. We are unable to provide names on the back of Patron shirts but we are stoked to have shirts back as swag!


We are simplifying our registration process: This year there will be two phases. As in previous years there will be a drawing. Afterwards, any unassigned spots will be filled from a separate waitlist. Please see the registration page for more details. Once you have registered for the drawing; entries will be collected for two weeks. Once selected, you’ll have the following week to pay for your registration and assign your +1 spot to a friend.

We’re excited to have everyone back and look forward to seeing you all in person very soon!

-CFT Staff