CFT 2020: AWOO Online Packet Available Now!

Hey everyone!

As you know, Campfire Tails cannot be held this in-person this year. We feel confident that this is the most prudent decision, but we don’t want that to stop us from reaching out to one another, connecting, and enjoying each other’s company and creativity even though we’re apart!

With that goal in mind: Campfire Tails 2020 will move to a free online distance camping format August 1st-2nd that everyone can participate in!

We want to start planning with you now to be able to share the spirit of Campfire Tails with you no matter where you set up your tent. You can still be part of CFT 2020 whether you are at a local operational campground, your own backyard, or the comfort of your couch!

In this AWOO Online packet you’ll find everything you will need to create your own CFT experience wherever you are! This includes recipes from our Camp Kitchen, tips to camp effectively alone or in a small group, guidance for creating your own happenings, recommendations for ways to digitally connect with other campers, and more!

This packet is just a starting point for your own CFT fun, and we’ll be adding to it over time as we get closer to the event. Campfire Tails has always been based on the hard work of all of our campers coming together to make a community, and we can’t wait to see what our combined passion and flexibility allows us to create this year!

As for sharing physical things, there’s always good ol USPS! If you’re willing to share your mailing address, I’ll send you something CFT related to remember this, umm, unique experience.

Are there artists out there who are doing something AWOOnderful? If so, please share!

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