CFT 2020 Art Submissions

Hello campers, it’s time for art submissions for 2020!

The theme this year is “Dream of the 90’s”. Anything 90’s nostalgia!

This year we are mixing up our badge designs. They will be a vertical 3"x5" hard plastic design. We are very excited to be using a much more durable option this year, so your badges won’t get bent! Each badge will come with it’s own lanyard, which will be a custom design. Custom pogs will also be offered as swag for this year.

Artwork submissions are first come first serve. Currently, we are limiting artists to 2 art submissions per person, unless discussed otherwise.

Being chosen as an artist entitles you to:

  • A $35 credit for each art piece: applied toward an upgrade for the same year.

  • A reserved spot for pre-registration for the same year. (Pre-Registration: May 18th-May 31st 2020)

What is needed:

  • 4 artists for badges: Each providing a 3"x3" graphic at 300dpi or higher. Will provide a template.

  • 1 artist is needed for the custom lanyard: 30”x3/4” for a non repeating pattern, or 3/4" by however long the repeated pattern is. 300dpi or higher for the design.

  • 5 artists for custom pogs: Each pog will have it’s own front and back design. Will provide a template. For best results: Use large, uncompressed images. Create your artwork at 300dpi in CMYK color mode and do not flatten your file layers.

Artwork submissions will be due by May 31st

If you need mascot references, or would like to keep up with our progress, please follow our Trello (if you need access, let us know).


If you would like to join our telegram chat dedicated to Campfire Tails artwork, please message @Malytwotails , @Blink or @OkiWolf for an invite! I highly suggest this if you’re contributing art, we can all discuss and share ideas here!

Finally, all artists please read our terms of use for artwork submissions!


If you have any questions, please feel free to message @Malytwotails , @Blink or @OkiWolf with anything you may need. :slight_smile:

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