CFT 2019 Pre-Registration is now open!

2018 volunteers, 2018 staff, 2019 staff, and anyone else with an old unused volunteer credit are now able to register for Campfire Tails 2019!

If you volunteered during Campfire Tails 2018 and you do not have the option to register when you sign in at please contact ASAP so we can get that sorted out.

Kitchen volunteers have the option to give a registration token to one person of their choosing, which will enable that person to register during pre-registration. If you volunteered in the kitchen for two or more meal services in 2018 and this option is not available, please email us ASAP!

Pre-registration ends at 5:59 AM on Monday, May 13th. If you do not complete your pre-registration by then, your spot will be released and given to a drawing winner. If needed for any reason, we can arrange a later deadline for you to complete and pay for your registration, as long as you contact us before the 13th. (Reply to the email you were sent confirming your eligibility to pre-register.)

For everyone else: The first drawing sign-up for Campfire Tails 2019 will open at 6:00 AM on Monday, May 13th, and close at 5:59 AM on Monday, May 20th.

Thank you!