CFT 2019 Fourth Drawing Registration is Open


Sign-ups for the fourth drawing for Campfire Tails 2019 registration slots are now open. Please log into your registration account at and enter the 4th registration drawing!

As a reminder, we don’t hold back tokens for later drawings. Later drawings only get unused tokens and cancellations.

To see if you have won, please log in after the drawing; we will not be sending email notifications.

If you do not win, check in with your friends to see if anyone has a +1 token they can give to you, and enter into the next drawing. Losing this drawing gives you a higher chance of winning subsequent drawings

As a reminder: if your friends want to come, make sure they enter too! +1 tokens can only be given to people who entered the same drawing.

On Monday, July 1st, the fourth drawing will be closed for new entries, and folks from this drawing will be able to pay for their registration.

Be sure to pay for your registration before the deadline for this drawing!

For more general registration information, please consult

Are there many tokens left? I missed the first drawing, but been in the last 3. Just curious, thanks!

Not many, Bjorn, as these tokens are leftovers from all the other drawings (winners not finishing their registration by the cut-off, winners realizing they can’t make it after all and withdrawing, etc) but keep trying until the last drawing. Hopefully you make it in. If not, there is the silver lining that next year you will have a higher likelihood of winning a spot as your drawing attempts weight your chances in the next drawing.

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll just keep fingers and paws crossed!

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