CFT 2018: Harvest Moon - August 2nd to 6th


The fields are golden, the fruits are ripe, and the air is cool and crisp; as evening’s shadows grow longer and summer’s days grow shorter, the Harvest Moon will soon be rising! Join us for a grand celebration of abundance, as critters from near and far gather together to share in the fruits of their labors, eat, drink and be merry under the stars. Come try your paw at a carnival game, sample a tasty treat, compete with the cream of the crop for “Best in Show” - all this and more await furry festival-goers at Ogden Fairgrounds!

Why a “Harvest Festival?”

In a lot of ways, this is what CFT already represents to many of us: it’s a place we come once a year to celebrare and share our own personal “harvest” from the previous year’s efforts (be they physical, spiritual, emotional or intellectual) with like-minded friends both old and new… and in a community like ours, with such diverse talents and skills, it’s sure to be one of the most unique “harvest” celebrations you’ll ever visit!

Much like a traditional fair, CFT also transforms itself into a spectacular carnival of lights after dark; we hope everyone will really embrace that “carnival” feeling this year, and highly encourage people to set up their own game booths, prizes, food give-aways, fortune-teller tents, blinking lights, music, and anything else you can (or can’t!) imagine finding at a furry midway.

Theme Aesthetics & Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for art, costumes and theme camps, here are some ideas to get you started:

Moons (and/or things howling at them, of course!), Fall Equinox, changing seasons, day/night in balance. Country fair / fall festival type of feel during the day: Cornucopia/Horn-of-Plenty motifs, straw hats and overalls, ripe fruits and fields of waving grain, warm colors, falling leaves, autumn bouquets, huge pumpkins, scarecrows, farm animals, blue ribbons, pickles and brews, pies cooling on windowsills… think warm, festive, upbeat and “down home.”

After dark, the emphasis shifts to a carnival/midway/circus type of feel: lots of blinking lights and bright colors, temptations for every sense, midway games and prizes, funhouse mirrors, old-timey/circus signage, music, candy stripes, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, fortune tellers, barkers (perhaps literally?), sideshow tents with camper-curated “curiousities”… think flashy, colorful, interactive and above all, fun!

Want to participate? Join in on CFT’s Forums, where you can ask questions, brainstorm and plan with other campers to make your ideas for 2018 into a reality!

2017 Scritch and Bitch

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