CFT 2017 - Lellow's Music Hour

We have a lot of would-be musicians, actual musicians, and everything in between attending CFT every year. I say it’s time we come together and organize ourselves. Too long have the campfires been surrounded by a cacophony of varied instruments combating each other for attention. Too long have we told ourselves, “I haven’t touched a guitar in years, how about I practice this one and only song I remember for 2 days while everyone around me hears me practice.”



We need to form the CFT Band!

What will this band be called? Who knows! By golly we’ll figure it out though, because I will host a happening to get our asses organized. Skill level be damned! We’ll have a place for you.

Who is down 2 clown with this derg. Get at me with ideas. How do I officially make a happening happen. I am new, help me.


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@Lellow~~~ You’re awesome!

I’ve got new staff to get on-boarded here soon. After that, I’ll know exactly the people to point you to for help.

Outside of that, keep pimpin’ the idea and you’ll get those musicians soon enough. <3

Hey there. barring a piano, I can bring some percussion and a melodica.

We could nominate a couple simple jazz charts so that we can jam as a full on collective. I love this idea, and am down for whatever.

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Alright, If you want a time slot for a happening, all you need to do is make a post on this thread, and then it’ll show up on the schedule. Happening Central 2017

Also, I’m trying to think of songs to do, and these are some that have bubbled up in my mind.

Give him a jar of porter - D -

House of the rising sun - Am -

Whiskey in the jar - C -

St. James Infirmary - Am -

I Can’t Decide - C -

I’m down to go with the flow and it’s good to have a list of songs to choose from!

I was hoping we could write an original too, no matter how bad and simple it may be. It would be great to have a CFT Song about whatever we want. I’ll check the schedule thread and pick a time. : )

I’d love to get in on the show if I can borrow that piano for a song or two.

If you bring that big clunky keyboard, I could certainly spring for some batteries. That would make singing words and playing a whole lot easier!

Ok then, I’ll bring it! It’s a 76 key Caseo WK-220 which takes six D batteries. I’ll bring 6 if you bring 6, and that should get us through the con I should think. Oh man this is gonna be hilarious.

Will do. I’ll bring 6 D size batteries.

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May i please borrow it to play a song or two for the folks?

Oooh! I wanna play! Accoustic guitar here, just like, I am sure, a lot of others.

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Of course! I would love to hear what you want to share. : )

Also, for the record, I have a ukulele I’m bringing too!!

Used to do Ukulele shows. Forgot how to play though. :sweat_smile: But I got some covers I can do on piano. and maybe an original song I wrote. Lmk when and where this’ll be.

Aiming for Saturday afternoon! I’ve got more details in the Happenings Central thread Morse made. : )

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