CFT 2017 dates?

Will we be on the traditional weekend this year? That’s August 3-7 this year.

Hi Critter~

Yep, Same weekend this year. 3rd through 7th~

Excited to see ya’ll again!!!

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I’ve never been to but would like to attend with my boyfriend. When does registration start, how does it work and are fursuits allowed in general? (Pardon my dumb questions) Also what’s it take to create a happening? I’d love to host some type of large capture the flag or boffering event. I host a local boffering league where I live.

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Hi Ashaeda~!

So excited that you’re planning on attending this year! We love newcomers, and we’re happy to help!

Registration for the event opens around the first of June (we’re updating our reg system this year and need time to get it up and running), there’ll be an announcement and you’ll have the chance to register (our main website has info about the tiers and costs).

Fursuits are welcome and we do get a handful each year (some of my favorite photos are of suiters helping in the kitchen!). However we do like to let you know that it’s a high-desert area and prone to PLENTY of dust/dirt. Often, suiters display their Kigus at CFT instead. While we don’t have specific areas to care for suiters, there are plenty of suiters who attend and may be helpful in an emergency.

Happenings are great, and our bread and butter! All it takes to create a happening, is to plan it out in a new topic on the forums here. Tag @Serefina and @Morse as they’re our Happenings Directors. It’s been ages since I’ve participated in a boffering league, so I’m so down with that! I even have the bones of a Great-scimitar ready, just need the foam and tape~ We’ve also hosted a boff once before, so I believe we still have some of our own in inventory. :smile:

Be welcome, and enjoy your time on the forums! While it’s less active today, it picks up as we move toward the event proper. Post questions and ideas, we’ll be happy to help!


For the love of God please give me some way to pay other than god damned pay pal. That’s a massive hassle of your refuse to use them.