CFT 2016 Forecast

Greetings, Campers! Your friendly neighborhood panthorse here with your CFT 2016 forecast.

Days: Clear mild summer temperatures with low humidity and high UV Index means sunscreen SPF50 or higher and lots of drinking water.
Nights: Cold, colder than the last few years; and colder than you may expect. Make sure to bring something warm that you can pull on and off without too much effort that you don’t mind sacrificing to the dust gods.

Local Forest and Fire services are projecting a “Extreme” Fire danger. All campfires must be in established rings or fire pits AND attended at any given time. Any untended fires and their owner will be given a cold shower. As of right now, (Monday evening) there are no fires within a breathing distance of CFT campsite; let’s keep it that way!

[Tuesday Night Update] This afternoon at approximately 3pm, the Paulina Fire started near the 97 junction for Paulina lake. As of 9:30pm it was reported to be 10% contained and RedFlag fire warining expired and was not renewed at 8pm. While RedFlag advisory has expired, Level 1 fire warnings are still in effect for CFTs camp site (Ogden). CFT staff is in contact with the control Ranger for the area. Full containment is expected in the near future. Stay tuned for further developments through Telegram, Twitter, and forum posts.

The week itself is looking fairly mild to go traipsing through the forest and splashing in the river while on the way… to … find that Big Bad Wolf!

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Good thing I am a short, mischievous wolf! :wink: Looks like wonderful weather!

This looks ominous, however:

The camp is on a " pre-evacuation alert" :’(

Hi Critter! Staff is aware, and we’re in contact with the Ranger. We’re still good, just need to be aware of evacuate routes just in case. We’ll go over that at the opening ceremony.

Excited to see you all~

Well I’ll be there tomorrow for setup fur sure - best if people are aware though, no?

Will be fun to have a full camp for the first time!

I’ll bring my pulaski.