Central Oregon (Bend)

I will be driving down from Bend, so if anybody around needs a ride due to inability to drive, pure laziness, or whatever, I would be willing to pick you up. :smiley:
I have 2 seats taken already. I can comfortably fit 4, but can fit 5 if you don’t mind being rather squished…it’s not that long of a drive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know :smiley:

i live in redmond. dont know if im going for sure yet (have to wait til it gets closer to see if my time off request gets approved) but for now im planning on going…mind if i “join in the band wagon”?

Of course! :smiley:

Two, meaning you and me, right? xD

Yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

k thats great :smiley: thanks :slight_smile: i just need to try to come up with the money for reg (or pray that somebody sponsers me).

i acutally dont need the sponsership anymore as i just worked up enough for reg. should we have a meet up area somewhere in town?

okay well what we could do is have me take my car, you guys take your car, and use my car for supplies and you guys can use yourse for carpool. cant have anything “huge” in my car (its a 98 ford escort zx2 coupe) but can wiggle stuff in as much as possibe

That sounds good. I can fit quite a bit of stuff in my car (It’s a mazda navajo…which is basically a ford exploder.) So yeah, big stuff will fit in mine :smiley:

did ya want to like meet up somewhere so we can have a “convoy” down there so that way we can get lost together if we get lost? :stuck_out_tongue: jjk dont want to get lost but should convoy it down there if youd like :slight_smile:

Getting lost shouldn’t be too big of a problem, I’ve been there before…but ya never know XD
So sure! We definitely should :stuck_out_tongue:

do you have the gps coordinates? was just thinkin about testin out my gps and i dont know the lat/long for it and thought it be a great experiment


I believe A is where you turn off the road to get to the camp site and B is where the camp site actually is.
43.729778,-121.416725 I guess is the GPS coords according to Google?

I have N 43.72750 W 121.42139 in my gps, I forget now where I got those. Hope they’re close enough, lol.

yeah i found it off of i think it was recreation.gov, then i typed it in my gps and it didnt like that so i ahd to scroll through the map ofr like half an hour to get it to the campground

^what they said^