So at the behest of devin, it looks like I have been conscripted into running a casino happening. I am thinking simple card games, blackjack, poker, caravan, etc, played for bottlecaps, which then can be exchanged for cheesy prizes and drinks. Prolly gonna need some folks as dealers to help out here, anyone interested?

My mate may be down to deal. I’ll nudge him about it tonight and point him to this thread.

Ooh, shit, I’m not much of a gambler but I can give blackjack a shot

Strip Monopoly.

I hear Strip Risk is a thing. Can we make that happen?

Hey, CK, do afternoons work for you? Any preferences on when/how long you want to run this?

I think I can donate a couple things to use as prizes to be purchased with your bottlecap winnings… interested?

Yeah! What kinds of things?

I will bring two things, courtesy of BLFC. One deck of the furry playing cards that Shiuk drew, and one of the hip flasks.

We probably won’t be selling these extras until BLFC 2014, so this will be the only way to get one of them for a while :wink:

I’m pretty sure we have to do this again. Great success and happy occurred under those huts.