Carpooling from Seattle area – seeking or providing

Heyo, I’m coming from the Seattle area and of course don’t wanna do it alone!
I am either seeking a ride, or going to provide one or more! I don’t know yet!

I pack pretty light, so hopping in someone’s car is usually an easy fit.

Or, I have a 2000 Camry that should be able to make the journey! TBH it’s something my parents bought for me a little over a month ago so far hasn’t had any major issues as I drove it back from Springfield and daily it around Seattle, but you never know. I will get AAA if we end up taking my car. I’ve been getting 23 MPG which is on par with it’s city + highway combined rating.

Howdy!! I’m Bearhat, I was send this thread by my friend Greg, who said Beau had recommended you as a possible ride for them initially? I don’t have a ride down currently, but am definitely willing to figure out arrangements / to help pay for the ride there & back if possible!! I can be reached at or on telegram at @RecklessTongue if those make making arrangements easier!!