Cards Against Furmanity sets available for purchase

Based on Cards Against Humanity, Cards Against Furmanity consists of 900
cards that are for the furry fandom and does include mature content
that may be offensive; innocent content may be twisted to be offensive
because we can’t have nice things. You’ve been warned.

I’m attending CFT and will have copies on paw for sale.

Included in the cardboard card case with CAF label is the following:

1 Rule/Thank you card
10 Red Cards
626 White Cards
206 Black Cards
40 Blank White Cards
17 Blank Black Cards
For a total of 900 Cards!

Printed on 11.8-pt. thickness, 305gsm black core card stock from French
paper manufacturer Arjo-Wiggins with a light UV-Coat to further protect
the cards from wear. This paper stock is nearly identical to the stock
used on some of the most popular trading card games (CAH).

Main Game only is $125
Main Game + 1 Blank Expansion Deck (80 White/20 Black cards to make your own cards) is $135

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Is there something available for non-cash purchasing such as Square? $125 is a lot more than I feel comfortable carrying around on me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I checked T-Mobile’s maps and I’ll have lots of data coverage at the camp, I have paypal and square dongles.

If you want to prepay, I have 2 paypal links here:
Main Game only payment link:

Main Game + 1 Blank Expansion Deck (80 White/20 Black cards to make your own cards) link:

Rad. Thanks for the info :smiley:

I have T-mobile and don’t have good luck at camp in previous years. Maybe they’ve expanded coverage, but if they haven’t, you may end up needing to do offline transactions for people who are trustworthy.
I can tell you that @Hawkfeather is trustworthy :smiley:

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I remember buying this game at BLFC!! It is so much fun!! ^w^

Thanks for the heads up Tyco, I’ll look around for my Sprint Mifi and keep my fingers crossed

I’m glad you enjoy it! Hey it’s August, so you know what that means, Xmas is coming to a mall near you, this makes a great stocking stuffer!

Do you still have copies of this? I know it’s an old thread but I figured I would ask. @enenchuukon

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