Caravan from Sacramento area?

It seems that none of my California friends are going to make it this year, which worries me…the drive up to and back from CFT is very difficult for me to do alone. Even if I have to do all the driving myself it helps tremendously to be in a caravan and know I’m not out there all by myself. I am seriously debating even going at this point, I’m so stressed about the drive.

I tend to pack heavy and probably won’t have room for a second person’s stuff in my car but if I could caravan with somebody it’d be awesome. I even have radios we could use. If I could meet up with one or more cars north of Sacramento, again, that would be awesome. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m traveling up from the SF bay area (Walnut Creek) to CFT on the Thursday the 1st. I’m willing to drive up with people if they need rides or want to caravan up there. I’m willing to stop and pick up people who need a lift if they live with in a 5 - 10 minute radius of the I-5 also to split the cost gas.

Thank you so much for replying. I could meet you somewhere along the 5 then if you don’t mind stopping somewhere. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind at all. Is there a specific city or place that you’d want to meet up at?

No, just someplace that’s not out of anyone’s way. Last year I had a bunch of Bayfurs meet me where the 5 meets the 80 in Sacramento and they didn’t tell me until later that was out of the way for them. I will be taking the 80 to the 5 and taking the 5 straight up, so anytime north of Sacramento along the 5 is fine.

Sure. We can chose a city north of the I-505 interchange later.

Sevan, you’re a saint :3 If you guys are up for it, maybe turn this thread into a signup list for people needing rides up from 1-5 corridor? Keeping in mind most people have some amount of camping gear with them, how much space is in your car(s)?

I don’t mind taking 1 or 2 other people. I have a four door hatchback that can hold a fair amount of stuff. Personally I’m probably bringing a cooler, a duffel bag and maybe one or two plastic tubs of stuff and camping gear. So again a fair amount of room for other things.

I don’t mind opening up this thread to others who need a ride or a caravan from Cali.

I’m also coming from the East Bay (Livermore). I might be able to give a ride, and a caravan sounds cool :o

What time do you guys usually try to leave/meet up at?

The earlier the better please, its miserable arriving after dark and having to both find a good spot and set up with barely any light. :stuck_out_tongue: You can use your headlights to help set up but its best to select a spot during the day so you can better see how comfortable you’ll be all weekend if that makes sense.

I was thinking about leaving around the same time as if I was going up to Eugene. Whenever I’ve traveled up there I’ve left between 8 and 9 in the morning and arrived at a reasonable time in the afternoon. The trip takes anywhere between 7.5 and 8.5 hours depending on how fast you are going, how many stops the you make and the traffic.

In the interest in getting some details hammered out, I would like to suggest meeting up at the Dunnigan Rest Stop (exit 557) at 9:30 or so. Would that be alright with everyone?

Also what highway were people thinking of off the I-5 to get to La Pine? the 58, 97, etc? I’ve only traveled to CFT from Eugene before so I don’t know the quickest/best way of getting there.

I is registered! :smiley: I AM EXCITE

That rest stop looks good to me, its about an hour drive from my home.

And I’ve always taken the 97 in past years. Is another route better? My GPS and Google maps etc say 97.

No, I don’t think that another route would be better or not. I was just trying to get a feel for what other people do to get up there. Last year I came from Eugene so I took the 58.

I posted an I-5 corridor thread to see if I could help anyone else and a person from Medford responded. I was just trying to see how far up the I-5 others from CA go.

I’m coming from San Francisco. I was hoping to get a ride with someone, but I can drive if I need to.

Hi, where is the caravan meeting and at what time? I would like to try and make it, as this is the first time I will be making the drive in my newly obtained (but far from new) car and I’m a little nervous.

so far i think the caravan is meeting at 9:30 at the rest stop just past dunnigan on the I-5. It’s about an hour out from Sacramento and an hour and a quarter from where I’m coming from (walnut Creek).

Hopefully we can find eachother with no problem, I hear the rest stop has two sides/areas. I’ll be driving a green Rav-4 with a bike rack on the back (which may or may not have a bike on it). Also I may be decorating the windows saying “Campfire Tails” or whatever. :smiley:

Also hopefully I won’t be a problem…I am always the slowest car in a caravan.

I’ll probably not have anything really distinctive about my vehicle but I’m traveling in a bright red Toyota Matrix (a little hatchback) so it’s usually not hard to spot. If I’m there first I will probably get out and hang some sort of sign off the back saying something along the lines of “CFT Caravan”.

Rest area CLOSED. I pulled off on exit 566 (Arbuckle) and pulled into the abandoned gas station straight ahead from the offramp.

I parked backwards so hopefully my back window that says “Campfire Tails” is visible around my bicycle.

My # is 9167694319

Edit: I’m not going to hang around much longer than about 9:50 or so if I don’t hear anything…for all I know no one else in the caravan has internet access on the road.