Capture the Flag

My Happening of Capture the Flag ended up not going so well, because it got pushed too late into the evening, so for next year, I would like for it to be in the slot just before dinner. Another thing is I need to remember to get some orange marking ribbon so that I can tie it around trees to make the course more obvious. Other than that it was fun!

I had a lot of fun doing it bluefire, but yeah the timing of it was a drag.

Yo for serious, CFT:CTF was baller. Just wish we had more time! Next year!

Yeah; epic fail on the schedule. :-[ I would suggest scheduling immediately after breakfast next year.

You could probably find cheap police line and actually wrap it around trees to form a true perimeter.

I think that this really falls into the needing to have events each day floating instead of set in stone.

Yeah, next year I’m planning on having event descriptions in the conbook, but not the schedule. That can be a last-minute insert or (preferably) posted on boards around the camp.

Shame it was so dark by the time we got around to it! I like the idea of tape for next year, as I was often confused as to where the boundaries were. Also maybe some kind of markers so we could tell who’s team people are on. Memorization worked well this time but next year, if we have it earlier, it’s likely more people may join.

Yeah, I’ll probably grab some colored duct tape or something that I can tape to the back and front of people’s shirts

This event should have happened much earlier in the evening when there was several hours of daylight left. Due it having to be pushed back was the reason it did not get enough time, not the original schedule time.

Right after breakfast might be a good time, but its still going to be pretty hot. We will take a look at everything and see where it fits best.

Well, once the events become “floating”, stuff like this should be okay. Alternatively, if it starts late, we could just get a headcount and save portions of dinner for those participating.

Well that’s if something like that happens.