Can't Make It

I have reserved tickets (and paid for them, of course) for myself and my mate Haiyo. Unfortunately I have been undergoing some changes at work, in which I have been placed in a very intensive foreign language program learning Pashto (the language indigenous to Pakistan and the Southern regions of Afghanistan) and I simply will not be able to fit this weekend’s convention into my schedule.

This makes me very sad, but life is what it is. Please accept my ticket payments as a donation to your wonderful organization. I would love to say that I hope to attend next year’s event, but I will be in Afghanistan hopefully being shot at (otherwise I shall be dying… of boredom :stuck_out_tongue: )

I hope you all have a wonderful time!

Damn dude, that sucks and yet it’s also pretty cool, best of luck and hope to see you in some future year!

That is the pimpest excuse ever. Good luck and hopefully we’ll see you around!