Can anyone just start a happening?

Last year a few people told me I should try out doin my own happening after the water fight… The only problem is I dont really know how to start one… If I can though I want to do a scavenger hunt or a capture the flag… and whos doing the water fight this year??? Anyone??

Not a staffer but I’m planning a couple happenings and therefore feel qualified to speak in vague generalities.

The happenings are attendee driven. It seems to be entirely up to the individuals what activities happen. Just don’t make the staff step in for health and safety reasons.

This is my first CFT, but having done similar things in the past, the (not so) secret to a good “happening” is sufficient planning, and good promotion. Know how you are going to run things in advance, and have whatever gear/supplies you need on hand. This will help keep things moving and not waste people’s time. Walking around with a unique prop and shouting like a soapbox preacher leading up to your event has worked well for me in the past.

I really want to do a glow in the dark capture the flagwith flashlights so that there isnt a bunch of falling over, but I have doubts about where I would hold this and idk id ppl will want to do a night one so it will prolly end up being a day one. I have extra flashlights but not a lot… and I can do prizes. I make badges, sketches, full color with pencils, stone jewelry, leather necklaces, bracelets, and anklets… I mean I have plenty of things to offer as prizes and in any case it should be fun.

If I could get enough replies to this for a go ahead and mabe a preference on time of day and prizes ill go for it…

Yes, anyone can just start a happening! We do like you to tell us if you have plans, so that we can help schedule and prepare for your thing, but anyone’s also welcome to just surprise us with something they’ve brought or want to exhibit.

One of the recurring Happenings that’s put on by the con itself is the Battle of the Brightest, which has taken various forms but always involves lots and lots of glowsticks. This year, capture-the-flag might just be the way to go with it, but don’t want people running all over the place in the dark, which means if we did CFT CtF it’d have to be played during dusk. There is a decently flat, open space in camp that nobody camps in because it bakes in the sun all day, we might be able to play there.

schweeeet!! Me and Xander have a few ideas we need to work out details tho. well get u in on the loop.

Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to start an impromptu happening! I would just need a little notice at the con so I can run around with a few people to get some campers gathered to participate! This goes for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps. The more happening, the merrier!