Camping nearby - Tuesday night

I’m coming down from North Idaho, and intend to be at CFT in time for setup.
This means that I’ll be camping somewhere along the route Tuesday night.
Any ideas? I’ve never been anywhere near this area in Oregon.
LaPine state park seems interesting…

Any thoughts?

Hi! So what route are You thinking of taking? I’m sure that along the way there are state campgrounds as well as simply BLM property you can simply drive into and camp in a quiet area. I’ve done that a few times when touring on My motorcycle with no problem. East of the con is a place called John Day in Oregon that I know is big with group camping as well, but I’m sure with a little research on your route You’ll have no trouble finding a place to camp, be it for a fee or not.

See the google maps link for my theoretical route.
I’m not worried about finding a place, I’m more asking if anyone knows any cool places along the way.
I’ve been to Ukiah-dale campground, just a few miles north of John Day, but it seems to be a good 4 hours away or so. Might do that, I’m not sure.
I just figured that among you all would be some useful knowledge of hidden or interesting spots.