Campfire Tails 2018 Registration

TLDR: Sign-ups open May 7th

Additionally, we’re increasing the cap to 230 for this year.

Registration prices are the same as last year.

What to Expect

Similar to last year, you’ll sign up and complete your registration in two parts. However, we’ve changed a few things to make the system work more efficiently and hopefully be more understandable:

It doesn’t matter what time during a week you sign up (6:00 AM Monday to 5:59 AM the following Monday), but what week you sign up during does determine what registration group you will be in.

If there’s someone you want to attend with, it’s critical that they sign up during the same week as you, so that they are in the same registration group as you.

After the sign-up period for a group has closed, when there’s enough spots for everyone in that group to register, we enable registration for everyone in the group. You’ll have one week (until the following Monday at 5:59 AM) to complete and pay for your registration.

When there aren’t enough spots for everyone in a group, the group is added to the end of the queue, in a random order. Every week, we allocate available spots by twos to the queue, and enable registration for everyone we allocated spots to.

If you’re allocated spots, after you finish and pay for your own registration, you can assign the second spot to somebody else who is in the same registration group as you.

Spots expire at the end of the week they were sent out (the following Monday at 5:59 AM).

If you were assigned spots but don’t complete your registration in time, you get dropped from the queue, and you’ll have to sign up again as part of a different registration group. (If someone assigned you a +1 spot but you don’t act on that, you’ll just go back to where you were in the queue.)

Note that you can only assign a +1 spot to someone in the same registration group as you, who is still in the queue. If someone signed up during a different week than you, or if they were in the same group but got dropped from the queue because they didn’t act when spots where assigned to them, you will not be able to assign a +1 spot to them.

Note for 2017 Volunteers

We love y’all. <3

Your spots are reserved until June 18th at 5:59 AM, but things work a little differently this year. Please see the Registration Policy Appendix: Reserved Spots for more information.

If you volunteered last year but don’t receive a PM from me (@Koinu) confirming your reserved spot by April 28th, please PM @Favlaud or email


We’ll be rolling out self-serve upgrades in late May or early June.

If funds are tight when you get a chance to register, you can still save your place at CFT by registering as a basic Attendee and getting the upgrade you want later.

The deadline for registration upgrades is July 16th at 5:59 AM. After this point, the upgrades are non-refundable and new registrations (if any spots are available) will be limited to the basic Attendee option.

Dog Registration

If you plan on bringing your dog with you to CFT 2018, you’ll need to register your dog online in the registration system before registration closes. The option to register your dog and upload proof of vaccinations will be enabled in June.

If you register yourself before the option is available, please make a note to sign back in and register your dog before registration closes. On-site registration of dogs will no longer be allowed this year.

More Information

For more information, please see the Registration page on our website, as well as the full Registration Policy.

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