Campfire Tails 2017

August 3-7: Furry Road

Art: @DogChomp

We are so excited for this year, and all the apocalypse survivors coming to stay with us!

This summer, we’ll be barring the gates from the outside world and establishing our own survival landscape. We hope to see many outposts and enclaves, barter-dens and back-alley bars, working-wanderers and wild-wastrels; all are welcome at CFT.

Our About page goes into more detail on the theme and what to bring.

Buckle in for a little bit of pre-apocalypse business!

There is a registration lottery this year

Because we sold out last year and anticipate selling out this year as well despite raising the cap to 200, we’ve changed our policies on how registration and refunds work.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the 2017 Registration Changes.

We intend for this process to be fair and easy to go through. Just remember to sign up when it opens on May 15th, and complete your registration within 48 hours of receiving your spot!

We are increasing registration rates this year

  • Sponsor registration now costs $90.

  • Patron registration now costs $120.

The price of attendee registration remains unchanged at $60.

We believe that Campfire Tails benefits greatly from being easily affordable, with some of the most important contributions coming from those more rich in enthusiasm than excess income.

This modest increase in the amount we ask from our Patrons and Sponsors ($20 and $10, respectively) will allow us to purchase new equipment for the kitchen and have a more solid base of operating income. Our kitchen which has served us so well these past 7+ years is overdue for some good maintenance and updated hardware.

We appreciate all of you who choose to support us by registering at the higher tiers. Your contributions are a great boon to the CFT experience, and help safeguard its future.

We have some new staff this year


Our amazing coffee-delivery gryphon has graciously stepped in to team up with Serefina on Happenings this year!

@Morse brings solid organizational experience to the crew and has already jumped in with a wealth of new ideas. We’re very excited to have his thoughts and actions bent toward CFT.


Previously a perennial kitchen volunteer, @DruAnderson is joining the kitchen as our official Cold-Meal Chef.

She’ll be working with the rest of the kitchen staff to take over the cold-meal experience for our attendees and sponsors. Dru brings even more line management experience to the kitchen, and we look forward to her Coy-wolf Contributions!


Our newest addition to our Public Safety staff, @crankycoyote comes to us from the Seattle area, and is well known at CFT for providing the charging station these past few years; an invaluable gift!

Timber brings years of event and safety experience to the table, and we’re so excited to have his perspective this year.


Lastly, I, a run-of-the-mill monstrous creature (Gnoll), am the Chair of Campfire Tails for 2017.

I’ve been asked by the CFT staff to take the leadership reigns and to help CFT through the coming years to grow and develop as an event. Our immediate-past Chair @Crowley has been guiding me through the process of how CFT is run, and I’ve been providing new perspective and direction to staff this year.

I’m so excited to help everyone’s skills and passions line up and focus on bringing you a CFT to remember.

Thank you all for being a part of our wonderful event and community!

###We’re excitedly murmuring “Is it August, yet?!”

please credit the use of my art on the forum and on twitter! thank you~

I will be bringing a bigger Ice box and Ice cream will be for dessert this time .

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Glad you’ll be there again this year, Joe. :slight_smile: