Campfire Discussion on Transformation?

Hey one last time, everyfur! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the multiple posts, but I might as well get all my ideas out in the open before I forget.

At most furry conventions, there is usually a panel on transformation, for those interested in the idea of transforming into another animal (feral or anthro), and the fiction, science, and even the “excitement” that can lie in it. I don’t usually head those panels, but as someone who is a big connoisseur of transformation, I always love to discuss it and imagine it (not to mention read and write about it!!!).

Does anybody coming to Campfire Tails have an interest in joining me for a discussion of transformation? It’s always good to meet other TF buddies, if any are around. :slight_smile:

Big flipper hugs!

Furio / Royce

P.S. Transformation doesn’t HAVE to be restricted just to animal, as I know there are gender TF interests, in addition to age progression and muscle growth, etc. etc. But I just state animal TFs here because, well, we’re furries, and this is a furry gathering. :slight_smile: In short, I’m open to discussing anything.