Camp Themes

Hey guys! With planning for CFT-2013 beginning to come together, I figured I’d get this post up and going. I will be checking this regularly to update it to make this fun and easy for everyone! With the theme for CFT being Outpost 27, one of the items being discussed was themed camps for Apocalypse genres. I know some have been claimed already, so by posting this hopefully we can prevent overlap and help each other out with ideas! Feel free to post here if you have a theme in mind or claimed, or if you are looking for ideas.


Pleasure Camp - (Gomorrah casino meets a Sheik’s pleasure tent)
Camp Members:Razz (tentatively), ??
theory behind this camp:
-silks and satins, rugs and throw pillows - this is your oasis away from the wasteland
-hookah lounge for all to enjoy
-relaxation and laziness abound

Adventure Time Apocalypse Camp
Camp Members: I don’t recall who, but someone mentioned doing an Adventure Time style camp

Thunderdome/Mad Max Camp
Camp Members:I don’t recall who, but someone mentioned doing a Mad Max style camp

if you have a theme you are doing, or you have ideas, please post them here! I’ll try to keep this as up to date as humanly possible.

Personally, I think it’d be a huge waste to throw away the possibility of doing an apocalypse theme at any other year, since if we are holding it at the same park as usual, we are likely going to be very limited on what we can do apocalypse-style. Mainly because, a lot of this stuff will look like trash. What if the rangers (or cops) come by? It’ll look like we trashed the place. Honestly, to make it look mad max style, we’ll basically have to make it look like a car exploded. The adventure time will look like a car exploded and the love children of godzilla and a squid started to spawn everywhere. Especially bottlecaps as currency or something, I can see that getting lost in dirt and water, and just being an overall problem. Yes, neat idea, and I’m sure lot of people like it…but you’re not going to be able to use real bottle caps. It’d be a matter of getting them done in a safe plastic with the CFT logo on it or something so it’s actually a collector’s item, and not a piece of trash.

The “Pleasure Camp” one might be easy to set up, pretty decent to get the materials (since you can just flat out buy the fabric and just throw it up in a tent kinda thing) without having to go out of your way to gather it up on the side of the highway and try to find a way to make it look good. The only downside is whomever donates nice pillows or something will likely get them back very dusty.

Plus, I think it’d be CK’s dreamland lol.

There is definitely some validity to the other camps. I specifically went out of my way to pick an easy and comfortable theme for my camp. I’m not sure how we will address the concern of looking like we trashed the place; I’ve never been in years past to see how trashed it looks anyhow, so that’s not easy for me to really say.

My camp will be set up so any and all will be able to come through during day/night, not just CK. :wink:

I think the most logical way to approach the slicing of camps is last year’s self-imposed sound ordinances. We could preform your ideas throughout the camp though; there are always those whom celebrate outside of their camps prescribed quiet-times. Themes aren’t necessarily exclusive to geographical locale: we all could gather groups of Leather-Clad Bandits, Hookah smoking Bedouins, or Citizens of the Land of Ooo. These all seem like fantastic things that outlast our grouping tendencies. I, for instance, would do all three.

I’m picturing everyone in Tank Girl attire. I also see lots of marsupials.

My theme camp is for the SUPREME BEINGS OF LEISURE. Members receive a complimentary corncob pipe!

Sounds good to me Crowley. :open_mouth:

Since it is a survival setting, why not have each camp see who can build the best survival structure out of natural things. Just gotta make sure everyone uses stuff that’s dead and not tear up trees.

I rather like the idea of some themed camps, rather than just colors.
I also really like the idea of separating them by noise level again, that worked really well! Was nice to sleep when I wanted to.

My input:
Each camp area should be based on a different post-apocalypse universe. (Eg: Mad Max, Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Metro, zombie-whatever, etc…)
Dunno. XD

well to be honest with the Ranger or Cop issue. We can just explain to them that there is a theme to it and assure them that it will be cleaned up and the site will look as clean as when we came in.

Yup, this.
We have always left the camp clean, and I don’t think there have ever been complaints after we left!

Camp PDXFurs will be very, very Tank girl/Mad Max/Book of Eli style.

That’s right, our campers have always done a thorough job of cleaning up after themselves in the past and I expect them to continue to behave :3 The Forest Rangers have also seen how we operate, and we’ve given them no cause to complain about our groundskeeping (although our noise level is another story!)

I love what I’m seeing for camp themes here. A lot of you have been doing this a few years, so I expect you CFT veterans to turn it out!

On that note, everyone remember to pressure CK into hosting a bottlecap casino…once he commits, we can all start hoarding bottlecaps!

BOTTLECAAAAAAAAPS!!! is that enough pressure…?