Camp layout, where to go?

Is there some sort of central camp fire ring, or other popular social gathering point?

Whether I am in a tent or an RV, will that affect how connected I am to the rest fo the camp? Is there a central camp area or fire pit I want to try to be near, or be able to get to easily?

The layout is something we’ll be working out and publishing in the next few weeks, as this is the first year we’re using the entire campground.

If you want to get a quick look at the location before we get our own map made, Bing has the best imagery of the site we’ve been able to find.

Great! Let me know. I am trying to decide if I am tent camping or driving my RV up as a pre Buning Man shakedown. I’d like to work the RV into this if possible. (28 foot, close to the limit, I know…) Of I bring the RV, I can supply temporary power with the generator if needed. ALso, anything else I should throw in the RV for the event ingeneral, 2-way radios? other “infrastructure?” I have enough tech gear to run a whole con. if it fits in the RV, I’ll pack it up. Overall power budget is 4000 Watts at 120V only.

The site is split up into four camps people can camp in, organized from noisiest to quietest campers. I’ll talk to our hosts and let them know you’re bringing in an RV and we can make sure you have room. We have limited rv space, but we do have it (no septic/water hookups, though). Staff will be using eXRS radios, but if you want to bring any general gear with you to help out (lights would be nice) we can work something out. Send me a PM!

Stick me with the noisiest people :slight_smile: