Camp Craft

I was a Boy Scout for years. Then worked at a Scout summer camp. Then lived with a Girl Scout troop leader. And used to go on 2 week camping trips every year. I know a good amount about camping.

I want to run a small happening on tips and tricks to make your future camping phenomenal. Little things like making fire-starters that will burn damp wood. How to plan your packing ahead for easy toting in and out. And the one ESSENTIAL to making every trip seem amazingly luxurious.

I will bring some premade examples of some things and some “in progress” ones.

This sounds AWESOME, I cant wait!

High-five, I used to be a girl scout :smiley:

Picked up a few things to start early on making stuff. Wondering how crazy I should go. Little tips and tricks or full on “how to bake a layer cake over charcoal and how to make jello shots in 105 degree weather?” Decisions decisions.

How to make jelloshot-layercake? sounds like a winner to me!

Koda, you are a horrible person. No.

rainbow jelloshot layer cake


Fuck yeah!

Oh man a jelloshot layer cake that tells stories. I’m signing up for this campout RIGHT NOW. <3

And sings songs about banging foxes. Don’t forget that.