Breakfast of Champions

Years ago I was at the end of a 2 week campout. The prior few days had been miserable. The penultimate day, I had the realization, I am an adult, and I can have booze before noon if I damn well please. So I did. This evolved over a few years and has grown in many ways but stayed true to its classy roots. Come and learn how to get nutritional value and a great start to your day while abusing your liver.

Join me for The Breakfast of Champions.

And yes, Breakfast for Dinner is ALWAYS an option.

(Donations toward the booze, while not required, would be nice.)

  • Menu-
    The Drunken Count
    The Bread of my People (with fresh honey butter)
    Bloody Period
    Hipster Cakes

(UPDATE 6/25- Took my OLCC class, waiting for the permit card in the mail.)

Though I tend not to wake up until after traditional “breakfast” time, this so gets the thumbs-up from me anyway. Mimosas and bloody marys, especially in the desert, are the best! One morning last year I got a Monster jello shot from CK, too… ;D

With an OLCC and posted people checking IDs I can see this as the best breakfast ever.

Will we have the wristbands from last year that are generic “ID Verified” markers for the weekend? That would make the checking ID step quite a bit simpler.

So does that mean I don’t have to cook that morning? Bee-tee-dubs, I refuse to bartend. :wink:

We’ll have some kind of equivalent. Hopefully more water resistant. <3

This sounds fantastic!
Though I still have to wait a year before participating :I

If you get it Scruff, I’m SO getting in on this. I’ll try to throw you a few bucks for booze as well if I do. I’m trying to budget ride gas, CK booze fund, commissions, etc so I’ll give you anything I can.

I have a brew started of mead as well. About 3 times the volume of last year. Assuming it comes out decent I will add this to the menu.

SO MUCH BAKING TODAY. hehehe, looking forward to seeing you all.