Book Exchange

I have about 8-10 personal books that I don’t really have any use for lying around. Last year several people who weren’t in the mood to be running about spent some time just simply sitting and reading for a while, so the idea is this:

Give a book, take a book. You can bring some of your own books you don’t have an interest in anymore, and either outright donate them to the pile, or participate. You can have a book to read and own, simply in exchange for leaving a book of your own. It’s pretty simple and low-key. Thoughts?

Sounds pretty cool. I don’t have any books, so I couldn’t really help, but I like the idea.

I’m down. I’d love something like this.

Sure! :3

or could even incorperate in art exchange too, cuz i know i have a “large” furry art collection that im sure some people would like to have and im sure there are others that have stuff that id like to have so have a book/art exchange tent, put a book or art piece in, and take a book or art piece out

I’m down for this, problem is all my books that I’m not reading are in storage :<