Body painting interest?

My name is Michael, I am a face and body painter that attends festivals in the inland northwest.

I came across this event and it’s a little farther from Spokane, WA than I usually travel but seems like a lot of fun!
I am wondering, from the perspective of both the event administrators and guests, would you be interested if I wanted to attend and sell some body painting or arrange some kind of event/workshop? It might be something you haven’t done before.

This is one example of what I do:

I charge maybe $40-50 for a job like that of course there’s always the option of coordinating with event planners :slight_smile:
Please email me if you’re attending and might be interested in something like that, or if you’re a planner and might be interested in arranging something!


An instructional event on how to do this kind of painting would be pretty cool.

This would go over really well. I hope you can make it out. :slight_smile:

This would be really awesome and I’m sure you’d garner a lot of interest. You should come down and join us!

This would be awesome! … Though not sure how effectively furs in the wilderness could wash it off :o

Doesn’t look like the guy ever registered though.

Yeah, sorry about that lol. It’s just too far out for me right now… but I’ll keep it in mind and maybe make it next year if I’m in a better place financially :slight_smile: