Board Game Night?

Hey didnt know if anyone was a big fan of classic board games too, would love to get a few peeps together for a couple hours to play late at night (I have a few lanterns to provide light to play with)

I can bring monopoly, rummikub, life,battleship, ect.

I’ll bring my dominoes and Chinese checkers.

@grecko and @GamerCoon usually bring a handful of games and spend quite a lot of time playing them.

The more the merrier, though, and variety of genres is always good. (Battleshots, anyone? :grinning: )

I have a pretty sizeable collection of stuff as well; I have contact info for gamercoon and grecko, so I’ll get in touch with them to make sure the stuff I bring doesn’t match theirs.

@Tyco My roommate @nogohoho is planning on bringing a handful of board games as well if you want to coordinate with him as well!

I’ll just post here when I decide what I’m bringing, and then I’ll point @GamerCoon and @grecko here. I’m assuming they already have a way to coordinate with nogo.

Ill def bring Rummikub with me since its kind of a unknown game, but a lot of fun!

I’ll be bringing a bunch of board games as well :3

I’ll bring some Magic Decks in case anyone else plays and also Cards Against Furmanity :3

Would anybody be interested in playing “Curses!”?

Hmmm, I might just construct a deck or two tonight and bring my pre-constructed if that’s the case. Fair warning, I’m pretty green when it comes to Magic.

@Sumanitu @Nogohoho games I’m bringing:
Cosmic encounter (space!)
Pandemic contagion
Killer bunnies
Star munchkin (space!)
Hex hex
Dungeon escape (stone tablet games)

Yesss~ I am so ready to lunch my chips!