Board/card games?

Hello everyfur!

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Furio da Werebear, but I am better known as “Walrus” Royce Tuxford Cobblepot (Royce for short). Big walrus hugs to you all! :smiley:

This will be my first time at Campfire Tails and I’m very excited to be a part of something that’s almost completely natural and outdoors. :slight_smile: I see that it’s a very flexible kind of gathering, so I wonder, is anybody who’s coming interested in board/card games to play? I know that there’s a Magic: The Gathering tourney happening there, but since I suck at that (and I’ve tried!), I figure there might be something else to do. Personally, I have Gloom and am considering getting the Back to the Future card game and maybe Chrononauts (depends on the costs). I’d love to bring more, but since I’m traveling with a small suitcase from Virginia, I might not be able to fit much inside (hence why I suggest card games). I also learned how to play Boss Monster and love that TONS, so if anyone has a copy, bring that, too!

So…anybody else have any ideas for games to bring along to play? Of course I’m all up for something more active, but who knows how much the hiking and other activities might take out of me! :slight_smile: So quiet stuff is nice, too.

I hope to see you there and give you big loving hugs!!! Much thanks to my beloved pal Critter Otter for introducing me to this gathering!!! :smiley:

Lots of love,

Furio da Werebear
"Walrus" Royce

Board games are everywhere during CFT! I’ve seen almost everything being played at various tables.
As for what to bring, I recommend something that doesn’t have a ton of small pieces, though people bring those anyway. XD

Gloom is a great game and a pretty good way to “break the ice” with new people. I’m sure it would be very welcome! And it’s small, so that’s a plus for your travels. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that I’ll be bringing Neuroshima! Hex and maybe something else. :3

I’m sure there will be a Cards Against Humanity group going on at some point in time! Feel free to gather up some campers whenever the mood strikes! I think games will be pretty informal, but I’ll help out if you’d like to make your game a little more organized!

I’m quite sure that Gamercoon and Grecko will be bringing a trunk full of board games; they have every year thus far. Seek them out. They’re usually there from midday Friday to midday Sunday.
I may bring a few of my own, such as Cosmic Encounter. I have Chrononauts, so if I remember, I’ll bring it. I’m driving, and that game is pretty space-efficient. It’ll depend more on me remembering to pack them than me having space :3

If there is a cards agaisnt humanity game I so want in!

I love board, card, dice games.

I’ll be bringing a few cribbage boards and decks of cards. I can also bring a pinochle deck or two.

Excellent advice. I do hope GamerCoon and Grecko continue their gamer’s paradise of a hut. I was usually too sideways last year to enjoy the glory that was their plethora of rare, well explained, and very fun games. They are always so patient too.

I would like to see a revival of a games area though. Something akin to the table where a strange but satisfying game involving varying sizes of plastic pyramids was in near constant play for a day. I admit, a bit of dream.

I’ll be bringing a few games and Twister. Maybe this year it won’t be as hot and we could get a game or two. When I first brought it there were quite a few people who were into it. I’ll also try to bring Croquet again.

Hello everyone. My wife and I have really gotten into board games since the last CFT, with Grekko and Gamer Coon’s board game tent and the video series “Shut Up and Sit Down” spurring us on. We have decided to mirror G&GC by bringing our own selection of board games, a canopy, table, and chairs to play. Now we don’t want to take over their gig, but there were enough times when games either weren’t happening, or the table was already full, so we decided to run our own tent with a selection of our own games that will hopefully complement their own.
We are bringing the following games, for anyone interested in playing/adjusting their own selection to make more room for booze. ;D
In no particular order:

[ul][li]Several sets of basic playing cards and a pinochle deck[/li]
[li]Cards Against Humanity & all expansions[/li]
[li]Munchkin Fu and Space Munchkin[/li]
[li]Star Flux[/li]
[li]Boss Monster[/li]
[li]The Resistance- Avalon[/li]
[li]Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures[/li]
[li]Risk Legacy[/li]
[li]Galaxy Truckers[/li]
[li]The Red Dragon Inn (set 3&4)[/li]
[li]Upon a Salty Ocean[/li]
[li]Red November[/li]
[li]Story War & Story War Deluxe[/li]
[li]Planet Steam[/li]
[li]Shadows Over Camelot[/li]
[li]Carcassonne & all expansions[/li][/ul]

We hope to see lots of people who want to play board games at CFT!

It’s nice to see that people like our board game tent. I haven’t yet put any thought into what games I’m bringing, I’ll do that Wednesday or Thursday most likely :stuck_out_tongue: Two I’m likely to bring (because I haven’t played them yet) will be Amerigo and Brass. Although the box for Amerigo is enormous, so…maybe.

Ah, glad to hear you are going to make it, Nogo; and what a useful list. I’ll be sure not to bring any of the same things. (Except a deck of cards & pinochle cards, of course. Can never have too many. Do you and your wife play Pinochle? Grecko and I will totally want to play some of that. And maybe Doppelkopf…)

Hehe, everyone else has clearly outdone me in terms of games and stuff! :slight_smile: I will bring my Gloom deck, and also look into purchasing the Back to the Future card game (which i’m guessing is like Chrononauts, which I might also get). Boss Monster also looks interesting to purchase…

If I can fit anything else in my suitcase, I will, but looks like everyone else has got tons ready! Thank you all for providing!!! :slight_smile:

We do. Her family has played it for generations, and forced me to learn how. Luckily it turned out to be a great game. Hopefully their family rules aren’t too different from how you guys play. :wink:
I’ve never heard of or played Doppelkopf, but we’re always up for learning new games, so we’re totally willing to give it a shot.

Well, it’s probably a bit late to be of use to anyone, but here’s what I managed to fit (all in one action packer!):

A Fe Acres of Snow
Vegas Showdown
The Castles of Burgundy
Notre Dame
Word Race (& electronic dictionary)
Standard deck of cards (& pencil & paper)
Cribbage board
Pinochle cards (single & double decks)

Subject to change of course…